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CRM 331 Corrections : F '03 (current version)

Required Reading [links go to]

Marc Mauer and Meda Chesney-Lind.  Invisible Punishment: The Collateral Consequences of Mass Imprisonment. New Press 1-56584-726-1

 Robert Johnson. Hard Time. Wadsworth, 3rd ed. 0534507174

Helen Prejean, Dead Man Walking: An Eyewitness Account of the Death Penalty in the United States. Vintage Books; 0679751319

Recommended Books

Ted Conover, Newjack: Guarding Sing Sing. Knopf; 0375726624

Jeffrey Ross and Stephen Richards. Behind Bars: Surviving Prison. Alpha; 0028643518

Jeffrey Ross and Stephen Richards. Convict Criminology. Wadsworth Pub Co;  0534574335

Richard Moran, Executioner's Current: Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse, and the Invention of the Electric Chair. Knopf (2002); 0375410597

Great article on what happens to someone freed from 10 years on death row after DNA evidence clears him ($300,000, depression, etc)

Texas executes a convicted killer whose lawyer suffered from mental illness and was repeatedly disciplined by the state bar

Margaret Edds, An Expendable Man: The Near Execution of Earl Washington Jr. New York University Press (2003). 0814722229


Required Reading and Exercises 


Introduction & Greeting | Syllabus (Adobe.pdf) | Pray Harrold 415, 2:00 - 3:15


Mauer & Chesney-Lind: Intro + Ch 1

Paper 1: based on What Every American Should Know About Criminal Justice

Write a 1 page paper addressing (1) what you thought were the best points they made (2) what were some point of information you did not know or had not really thought about before, and (3) what questions or disagreements do you have with what they say. 


Johnson ch 1 
Prison History links: To follow up on other aspects of prison history, check out this Prison History and Reform Page. Eastern State Penitentiary (remember, silent system) has a homepage of its own with a brief timeline and a virtual reality tour. Postcards from Prison has some excellent photos from different times in prison history (you can even send them to friends!) The Yahoo Crime section has a category on prison and there's a list of history links within that. prison work songs - parchman farm


Johnson ch 2
9/18 Johnson ch 3 Worksheet 1 due: Go to ‘Prisoners in 2002’. You will need to open up the .pdf/ Adobe Acrobat file to complete this assignment because the other versions do not have all the tables. Please be careful to distinguish between the number, a rate and percents – make sure you provide the information requested by the questions in the worksheet. (click on 'worksheet' to open a copy of the questions you'll need to answer)


Mauer & Chesney-Lind: ch 15 + 16
For a listing of countries and their incarceration rate, see the World Prison Brief (this is the overhead I used in class + more background info). The Interpol website has crime stats by nation if you'd like to do some context for incarceration figures. My page on the death penalty has a section on European views, if you'd like to follow up on Stern's thoughts; my StopViolence site has information on Restorative Justice.
9/25 Johnson ch 4

Paper 2 Due – prison survival guide: Go to the Black People's Prison Survival Guide (or the same thing that has some background music and 'black' links but is more difficult to read because of the colors). Write a 2-3 page paper based on two of the three main parts (your choice – notice that each part has 3-4 subsections, so be sure to review two main parts rather than two subsections). 

Your paper should review the main points of the author’s discussion. Some students will this material controversial, so feel free to include, as a supplement to your review, a discussion of points you agreed or disagreed with.
9/30 Johnson ch 5 start   
10/2 Johnson ch 5 finish 

Prison rape: Stop Prison Rape or Human Rights Watch did a report on prison rape in the US entitled No Escape (click on 'Read the report').


Johnson ch 6 start

The video we saw was Shakedown in Santa Fe, about the New Mexico prison riots. An Albuquerque (NM) newspaper has good overview of the eventThere's a good overview of prison riot issues, causes and prevention


Johnson ch 6 finish + review

test 1

10/16 Johnson ch 7
We discussed the Stanford Prison Experiment in class - here's a link for the website that has a slideshow and commentary by Zimbardo. 


Johnson ch 8
In Chapters 7 & 8 Johnson makes extensive use of Conover's book Newjack, partly because there are few officers who seem to write - unlike the large amount of inmate literature. Conover has his own website, which has an excerpt from the book; he's also written a short but interesting story of a female guard
10/23 Mauer & Chesney-Lind: 5 + 8
More on 'equality with a vengeance'. Also, Gender-Responsive Strategies: Research, Practice, and Guiding Principles for Women Offenders (142 pp, Adobe.pdf).

As we discussed in class, a search for "women in prison" was as likely to turn up a dating service or a B exploitation movie like Ilsa: She Wolf of SS as anything serious (link goes to 

10/28 Mauer & Chesney-Lind: ch 4

Paper 3 - abuse in women's prisons: Write a 2 page paper that summarizes the main issues and evidence presented in either report. Remember to provide a full citation to the article you read.

Go to either (1) “Not Part of My Sentence” from Amnesty International - important parts to focus on are Sections 5 (sexual abuse), 6 (restraints) & 7 (health) or (2) “Nowhere to Hide: Retaliation Against Women in Michigan State Prisons - the summary is a good overview and the sections dealing with retaliation are the important ones (feel free to include something on the recommendations if you're wondering how the situation can change). 

For more information, see ALL TOO FAMILIAR: Sexual Abuse of Women in U.S. State Prisons (Human Rights Watch)

10/30 Mauer & Chesney-Lind: ch 7, + 11
EWING v. CALIFORNIA (2003) California's three strikes laws upheld - Ewing gets a minimum of 25 years for stealing 3 golf clubs with a total value of $1,200 because of his previous burglaries. (Of course, if you're Ken Lay, then you can be in charge of Enron when it manipulates the California power crisis to increase profits, file false financial documents, cause billions of dollars in losses - and you're still not indicted and don't yet have your assets frozen....)

With No Sentencing Leeway, What's Left to Judge? (Washington Post) Chief Justice William Rehnquist isn't exactly soft on crime. So when he takes the uncommon step of publicly opposing a bill aimed at lengthening prison sentences, you'd expect Congress to pay attention. Instead, both the House and the Senate have voted overwhelmingly for legislation that threatens to strip federal judges of much of their discretion to give prison terms shorter than those in the federal sentencing guidelines. Attached as an amendment to the "Amber Alert" bill, a popular measure establishing a nationwide system to locate missing children, the changes passed with only 25 dissenting votes in the House and none in the Senate. Last week, President Bush signed the bill into law. So much for the chief justice, who was essentially ignored when he warned that the bill "would seriously impair the ability of courts to impose just and responsible sentences."

See Lynch and Sabol, Prison use and Social Control discusses in more detail research examining how mass incarceration undermines informal social controls (family and community); it has a discussion of incarceration effects, models of weakened informal social control processes, and a review of empirical evidence. Part of Criminal Justice 2000 (NIJ) that has some interesting work: Spohn has an excellent review of 30 years of sentencing discrimination research, and Zatz on the convergence of Race, Ethnicity, Gender and Class. 

11/4 Mauer & Chesney-Lind: ch 6 + 12
private prison resources - info on cost savings, reports, and links to explore the topic. 

Not With Our Money! is a network of student and community activists working to end the use of prisons for profit. In September 1999, led by Prison Moratorium Project and Grassroots Leadership , Not With Our Money! took on multinational Sodexho Alliance, demanding that the catering company divest its 10% stake in Corrections Corporation of America. By the end of June 2001, CCA’s largest shareholder had ended all ties with the prison company as a result of protests at more than 60 campuses where subsidiary Sodexho Marriott Services held contracts

11/6 Mauer & Chesney-Lind: ch 3 + 10
Mark Mauer, who wote ch 3 on the disappearing voter, works for the Sentencing Project
11/11 Johnson ch 9  
11/13 Johnson ch 10 start

The Office of Justice Programs has a major initiative dealing with prisoner reentry. StopViolence has more on restorative justice and includes a page on faith-based crime prevention, which includes some prison ministries. 

11/18 Johnson ch 10 finish

test 2

11/25 Prejean intro + ch 1  


12/2 Prejean ch 2 + 3 worksheet 2 on Death Penalty - click here to open the worksheet. The information you need can be found in Capital Punishment, 2002. NOTE: You will need to use the Adobe Acrobat version [click on link that says "Acrobat file (335k)"], which has all the tables and charts. 
12/4 Prejean ch 4 + 5 Worldwide Executions Down in 2002 
12/9 Prejean ch 6 + 8 international views on US death penalty - will be covered as part of final exam ~ see review sheet for specifics. All the information you need is on this page, so just scroll down (DO NOT FOLLOW ANY OF THE LINKS FROM THE TOP OF THE PAGE)
12/11 Prejean ch 9 + 11 Review Sheet for final. Make sure to review the international perspectives information above (for 12/9 class). Bonus question is on Entertainment Network v Lappin

12/17 (Wed) FINAL EXAM: 1:30 - 3:00




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