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Dr Paul Leighton

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Paul's Justice Blog

Criminal Justice Ethics

Class, Race, Gender & Crime

Towards a post-warehouse model of prison

Criminology needs more class

Problems with private prisons

Hi. I'm Paul - Dr Paul Leighton...


Paul Leighton (Ph.D., American University 1995) is a Professor in the Dept of Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology at Eastern Michigan University. 

Dr Paul's areas of teaching and research interests include white collar and corporate crime; punishment; private prisons; inequalities (class, race and gender)

Paul Leighton is the co-author, with Jeffrey Reiman, of The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Prison. He is also the co-author, with Gregg Barak and Allison Cotton, of Class, Race, Gender & Crime. Donna Selman and Paul Leighton authored a book on private prisons, Punishment for Sale: Private Prisons, Big Business and the Incarceration Binge. His current interest is in whistleblowing and a next-generation high-tech Japanese rehabilitation center.

After getting his PhD in Washington, D.C., Paul drove across country in a 1971 VW van whose engine he had built. He recently finished his term as President of the board of SafeHouse, Washtenaw County’s domestic violence shelter and sexual assault crisis intervention center.

The Washington Post has favorably reviewed some of Dr Leighton's research, and he has been quoted in the New York Times,, plus numerous other local, national and foreign language newspapers. He also has participated in a panel that aired on C-SPAN and been a guest on several National Public Radio talk shows, including 'On the Media' and 'Public Interest'. In addition, he wrote several guest editorials for Newsday on televising McVeigh's execution, Mumia Abu-Jamal and whether Sept 11 victims should be counted in the crime reports (all distributed over the LA Times - Washington Post wire service). 


People ask me how I got where I am today... 

(see my bio for more detail; there's also more VWs)

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