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Criminal Justice Ethics

Paul Leighton & Jeffrey Reiman, eds

(Prentice-Hall, 2001)

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INTRODUCTION: Exploring Criminal Justice Ethics

Overview of Ethics ~ Utilitarian ~ Kantian & Deontological ~ Virtue Ethics ~ Contractarian ~ Communitarian ~ Ethical Relativism ~ Religious Ethics ~Teaching Ethics

ONE: Morality and Criminal Law

Insanity Defense ~ Social Adversity, Justice & Crime ~ Mens Rea and Attempts

TWO: What Should Be A Crime?

Principles: Harm, Paternalism & Moralism ~ Hate Crimes ~ Wisc v Mitchell ~Drugs ~ Prostitution ~ In Re P ~ Abortion ~ Corporate Harm & Tobacco Industry ~ [web extra: Virginia v Black (2002 cross burning case); Freedom, Informed Consent and Disclosure: The Case Study of Google's IPO & Statement of Risks]

THREE: Policing and Law Enforcement

Police Ethics ~ Deception & Seduction ~ US v Tobias (entrapment) ~ Selective Enforcement  & Discretion ~ [web extra: Street Cop Ethics: Advice & Discussion Questions ~ Brewer v Williams: Christian Burial Case]

FOUR: Judicial Processing

Lawyers Ethics ~ Plea Bargaining ~ Defendants' Rights ~ Jury Nullification

FIVE: Penology & Punishment

Chain Gangs ~ Corporal Punishment ~ Death Penalty ~ [web extra: Corporal Punishment]

SIX: Emerging Issues

Cyberlaw ~ Privacy & Surveillance ~ Child Protection v Adult Freedom ~ Regulating virtual communities ~ Media, Crime and Criminal Justice ~ Televising Executions  [web extra: Televising McVeigh's Execution]

APPENDIX: Professional Ethics and Codes of Ethics

Amazon has ordering information and the entire preface online.  
How I use this book in class (current). 

I rotate readings and formats, so also check other variations for CRM 412 Law & Society

Criminal Justice Ethics, Leighton & Reiman bookcover

There's additional information on the book from Prentice-Hall's site, where you can also request an examination copy, see a list of features and examine the detailed table of contents. 
Companion website for Reiman's The Rich Get Richer & the Poor Get Prison

Recommended reading: Profit Without Honor When It Comes to Ethics, Business Schools Get an F: It was in 1987 that John S.R. Shad, then chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, made a personal donation of some $20 million to Harvard Business School to support the teaching of ethics. On April 21, 1989, after months of contentious debate, an initial proposal was put up for a faculty-wide vote. Reactions ranged from distrust to outright hostility. One economist argued that "we are here to teach science." Another faculty member wanted to know, "Whose ethics, what values, are we going to teach?" And a third pointed out that the students were adults who got their ethics education at home and at church. By meeting's end, the project had been sent back to the drawing board.

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