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Teaching Ethics, Pedagogy & Professional Development

This page is designed specifically for educators. It contains information and resources about ethics pedagogy, general teaching effectiveness, and career development. 


The Feminist Pedagogy Homepage contains sample syllabi, bibliographies, and discussion groups

The Critical Pedagogy page contains resources and readings on critical pedagogy, and additional links.

Radical Pedagogy (online journal)

Teaching & Understanding Sept 11, Mark Hamm & Paul Leighton

Most of the currently available internet help sites offer little for teaching of criminal justice- they are mostly about ethics in law, business, and engineering. Because search results will change over time, I have included a search box at the bottom of this page. 

Teaching Effectiveness 

The Cyber Faculty Handbook, from the Center for Teaching Excellence at Tufts, links to many teaching tips pages and offers some helpful search options. 

The Teaching Improvement Center (Temple University) provides a quick reference on many basic topics. The Berkley Compendium for Teaching with Excellence provides resources and links on teaching methods. Best Practices page at Indiana University is also helpful. 

BeCaL The Belief, Culture, and Learning homepage contains peer reviewed educational resources

The Educators Manifesto contains models for non-linear education and resources for technological advances in learning

Critical Thinking on the Web offers strategies and resources for improving critical thinking in the classroom

Criminal Justice Distance Learning Consortium

Ethics in Education is a website dedicated to promoting the free exchange of ideas among secondary school teachers, although the handbooks he has posted may be of general interest. 

Academic Integrity

Ethics Updates has a variety of links to RealMedia presentation on the internet and cheating, plus a variety of honor codes. 

EVE - Essay Verification Engine: downloadable shareware to check for student plagiarism (15 day free evaluation with no registration)

Turn It In allows professors to compare a student paper to a database to look for plagiarism and keep a digital archive of student papers to see if the same ones get recycled. Fee based service; free trial requires signup. 

Center for Academic Integrity - good over of issues and an excellent set of links about both academic integrity and teaching ethics/morals

New York Times Learning Network: Lessons in Internet Plagiarism

Citation Guides for Electronic Documents - International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions jobs section

best career development websites

average faculty salaries

Academic Job Searching for Dummies

there are more links to the Chronicle's jobs section further down this page

Moral Systems & Issues

Virtue Ethics
Teaching Ethics

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Helpful Non-Internet Sources

'Real World' Ethics: Frameworks for Educators and Human Service Professionals by Robert Nash - the book from which the reading selection is drawn. 

The Journal of Criminal Justice Education, which is published by the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. They do not have any issues online, but the link goes to ordering and membership information. 

Kleining & Smith's Teaching Criminal Justice Ethics. The link goes to the description on Anderson Publishing's site, but the book may now be out of print, so see if your library has a copy of it. 

More from the  

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Women & the Tenure Track

tenure track at a religious college

ways that people draw unwanted attention to themselves through misfired e-mail messages and other technological mishaps

how to use both new and old modes of communication to become a presence among the people who interest you. 

negotiating job offers

virtual career fair for Ph.D.'s interested in nonacademic work.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Accepting a Job


Academe Online has listings for various types of positions in higher education institutions. You can post CVs, search jobs, and find other helpful links for career development.


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