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Criminal Justice Ethics 

  Paul Leighton and Jeffrey Reiman, editors (Prentice-Hall, 2001)

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Table of Contents 


I. Moral Foundations of Criminal Guilt

II. What Should Be a Crime?

II.1. Principles

II.2. Cases

II.2.a. Drug Legalization 

  • Arnold Trebach and James Inciardi. Excerpts from Legalize It? Debating American Drug Policy.  

II.2.b. Prostitution

  • In re P (New York court declares prostitution law unconstitutional)
  • MacKinnon, Catherine. Prostitution and Civil Rights
  • International Committee for Prostitutes Rights World Charter and World Whores’ Congress, Statement for Prostitutes’ Rights and Draft Statements from the 2nd World Whores’ Congress 

II.2.c. Corporate Violence 

  • Jeffrey Reiman, A Crime by Any Other Name . . . , 
  • Stanton Glantz, et al, Looking Through a Keyhole at the Tobacco Industry: The Brown and Williamson Documents (from Journal of the American Medical Association

II.2.d. Hate Crimes  

II.2.e. Abortion  

  • Don Marquis, Why Abortion Is Immoral 
  • Jeffrey Reiman, Abortion, Infanticide, and the Asymmetric Value of Human Life
  • Don Marquis, Reiman on Abortion
  • Jeffrey Reiman, Abortion, Infanticide, and the Changing Grounds of the Wrongness of Killing: Reply to Don Marquis's 'Reiman on Abortion' 

III. Moral Problems in Policing 

III.1. Police Ethics 

III.2. Police Deception & Influence 

  • Jerome H. Skolnick and Richard A. Leo, The Ethics of Deceptive Interrogation 
  • Brewer v Williams: Christian Burial Case
  • Gary T. Marx, Under-the-Covers Undercover Investigations: Some Reflections on the State’s Use of Deception
  • Carl Klockars, The Dirty Harry Problem
  • CASE STUDY: US v Tobias (Customer calls DEA ‘front’ organization about supplies to manufacture cocaine, and when he realizes he does not have the chemistry background, the DEA tells him making PCP is as ‘easy as baking a cake’)

III.3. Selective Enforcement 

  • John Kleinig, Selective Enforcement and the Rule of Law
  • Jeffrey Reiman, Against Police Discretion: Reply to John Kleinig

IV. Moral Issues in Judicial Processing and Jurisprudence 

IV.1. Lawyers Ethics 

  • Paul Haskell. Why Lawyers Behave As They Do
  • Ted Schneyer, Moral Philosophy’s Standard Misconception of Legal Ethics

IV.2. Plea Bargaining & Due Process 

  • Akhil Amar and Johnnie Cochran, Do Criminal Defendants Have too Many Rights?
  • Ken Kipnis, Criminal Justice and the Negotiated Plea 
  • Hon. Jack Weinstein, Considering Jury ‘Nullification’: When May and Should A Jury Reject the Law to Do Justice?

V. Penology & Punishment

V.1. Treatment of Inmates 

  • Graeme Newman, excerpts from Just and Painful A Case for the Corporal Punishment of Criminals
  • Corporal Punishment (Background info & Overview)
  • Tessa Gorman, Back on the Chain Gang: Why the 8th Amendment & the History of Slavery Proscribe the Resurgence of Chain Gangs

V.2. Death Penalty

  • Stephen Nathanson, Jeffrey H. Reiman, & Ernest van den Haag capital punishment articles from Living Well
  • National Council of the Churches. ‘Abolition of Death Penalty’ (Policy Statement)
  • Council on Ethical & Judicial Affairs, American Medical Association. Physician Participation in Capital Punishment
  • Marianne Kastrup, Psychiatry and the Death Penalty

VI. Emerging Ethical Issues for Criminal Justice

VI.1. Cyberspace 

  • Laurence Tribe, The Constitution in Cyberspace
  • Julian Dibble, Rape in Cyberspace
  • Jeffrey Reiman, Driving to the Panopticon: A Philosophical Exploration of the Risks to Privacy Posed by the Highway Technology of the Future
  • Natalie Strossen and Ernie Allen, Megan’s Law & the Protection of the Child in the On-Line Age

VI.2. Media 

  • Debra Segal, Tales from the Cutting Room Floor
  • Paul Leighton, Televising Executions, Primetime ‘Live’


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