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Paul Leighton's Research on Crime and Justice

Currently North American Editor 

Critical Criminology: An International Journal

Much of the work done by academics ends up the property of other because of copyright laws. Publishing in journals is a basic requirement of the profession, but all those articles become the property of the journal and it can be problematic to reproduce them on a website (because it interferes with the market value of 'their' property). Being alienated from the products of one's labor is not just an assembly line phenomenon or an abstract idea limited to lectures about Marx. because of these intellectual property issues, I am able to reproduce only some of my research here.


Paul Leighton & Jeffrey Reiman, editors. (Prentice-Hall). Check out the companion website and the Appendix on Professional Ethics I wrote with Donna Killingbeck. It's a review of a variety of codes of ethics to describe their necessity, structure and occasionally helpful suggestions in dealing with ethical problems. It also reproduces language from several prominent professional associations (ASA, APA, ASC, NASW) on the issues such as nondiscrimination, sexual harassment, informed consent, and authorship. See how I use this in my Law & Society class

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CLASS, RACE, GENDER & CRIME: Social Realities of Justice in America  

Gregg Barak, Jeanne Flavin & Paul Leighton. (Roxbury Press).  I've started making a companion website containing the opening chapter narratives and some related links for class, race and gender (including boxes on Race & Blood, and Gay Cops


I wrote an article entitled 'Televising Executions, Primetime 'Live'?" for The Justice Professional [v12 #2, 1999]. That's one to which I do not own the rights. But I did write another version for the Criminal Justice Ethics volume and I do own the copyright to that. Access is provided from the link below. Permission is freely given for you to reproduce paper copies of the piece at or below cost & as long as the copyright notice in that file is reproduced. If you plan on making money in any way from a product that includes this article, you must get my permission first. All electronic rights are reserved. The article is Fear and Loathing in an Age of Show Business: Reflections on Televised Executions. There's also a webpage on the topic I put together. 


I am back working on this topic by researching private prisons. The Peace Review article was one of the first I wrote. Style requirements dictated that it be short with no footnotes or citations -- something very difficult immediately after getting a PhD, but it makes for a good, quick read. I'm not sure about the rights, but Peace Review  shouldn't be too uptight about it. Paul Leighton, "Industrialized Social Control" Peace Review: A Transnational Quarterly  v7 #3/4, December 1995.  This article was used as the basis for Keith Suter's news commentary on Australia's radio 2GB broadcast 1/12/96 and 1/14/96.

I have also written a short monograph on prison expansion and public safety: Mopping the Floor While the Tub Overflows: Concerns About More Prison Expansion & Less Crime Prevention

Corporate Crime & The Rich Get Richer

An ongoing topic for many interests is in corporate crime and elite deviance. Society, especially the media focus too much attention on street crime, while corporate criminals pose a greater threat to our health and well being. Jeffrey Reiman's book The Rich Get Richer & the Poor Get Prison argues that the CJ system is designed to keep a visible image of street crime in front of us in order to reinforce the belief that the threat comes from the poor, not the rich. I work with him on the 4th, 5th and 6th editions of the book and I created a companion website for the Rich Get Richer


The first version appeared in The Journal of African American Men: Robert Johnson and Paul Leighton, "Black Genocide? Preliminary Thoughts on the Plight of America's Poor Black Men". v1 #2 (1995). This work was favorably reviewed in the Washington Post by Courtland Milloy, "The Numbers Add Up to Genocide" (7 Feb 1996: B1).

Robert Johnson and I significantly expanded on the definition, data and analysis in "American  Genocide?: The Destruction of the Black Underclass.  In  Craig Summers and Erik Markusen (eds) Collective Violence: Harmful Behavior in Groups and the Government.  Rowman & Littlefield, 1999. All I can do here is point out some more information about the book and direct you to the best price for it.

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This academic biography describes how I finished up the dissertation, dealt with the job hunt, drove across country in my '71 VW van, job hunted more and a moved across country before ending up where I am (and from which I would like to move again). Paul Leighton, “Migrant Labor in the Ivory Tower: The Crossroads and Crapshoots of a New Professor” in Stuart Henry and William Hinkle, eds. Careers in Criminal Justice: The Inside Story, 2nd ed. Salem (WI): Sheffield, 2000.

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