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Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault    Sexual Harassment

There are two options for this topic of sexual harassment. 

1. Take EMU's online sexual harassment training. There's no need to write a paper, just include a copy of the certificate you get at the end. 

2. Many people have been through trainings about sexual harassment or have experiences with it. This option involves searching the web for sites that help explain what it is, how to deal with it, and the best policies for the workplace. Include the 2 best sites you find, along with a concise, informative 1 paragraph description. These sites will for the start of a section in about the topic. 

RECOMMENDED: Many professional codes of ethics contain helpful guidelines and explanations of sexual harassment. My Criminal Justice Ethics book has an Appendix on professional ethics  that provides an overview of professional ethics, the structure of Codes of Ethics, and it reprints the wording of codes about issues like competence, diversity, sexual and racial harassment, treatment of subjects, and conflicts of interest. You can also explore the Codes of Ethics for the American Psychological Association, American Sociological Association, American Society of Criminology, National Association of Social Workers (well developed code that has some great statements about social justice and individual dignity); there's also a Code of Ethics Library and a Code of Ethics Toolbox

You Want Me to Do What?: When, Where & How to Draw the line At Work by Nan DeMars

Searching the Internet

The internet now has well over 2 billion pages and there are several hundred search engines to help people find information. My personal preference, based on my own use and looking at my webmaster log for this page, is Google. They have the most pages indexed and one of the better ways of matching keywords. The boxes below provide direct access; the safe search box filters out adult content and can be helpful for searches about sexual assault, women in prison, etc.

You do not have to use these if you prefer another search engine. For more information about search engines, how they work, tips for finding what you want on the internet, and various ratings of search engines, check out SearchEngineWatch






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