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1. You can also explore the Dept of Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology (including links to course descriptions). Find out about the program by looking at the Catalog Description or the Program of Study I use for graduation audits. There's also a Program of Study available in Adobe Acrobat/pdf version by clicking here.  

The Graduate School site has a Graduate Student Orientation that's quite well done and has links to many of the general resources about the university. 

If you're wondering what you can do with a criminology degree, check out the career and job hunting page

2. Go to Admissions for cost information and application forms. There's not a separate for for Criminology - just put our program code on the application form. We do not ask for letters of recommendation, although they are helpful if your GPA is less than 2.75. 

You only need to take the GRE if your GPA is below 2.5, in which case you need a score above the 60th percentile for acceptance. Information on the GRE is available here

The prerequisites for the program include a B or better in Criminal Justice (system), Criminology (theory), Statistics, and Research Methods. If you do not have all of these, you can still be accepted but under a conditional status. 

Send all material to Graduate Admissions. Do not send anything to the Dept unless the advisor specifically asks you for something. 

3. Need financial aid information?  There's some from Graduate School and more at the Office of Financial Aid.

4. Help on a variety of issues related to admission, records and registration is available through the What Do I Do Next information from the Graduate School.

5. Email the Graduate Coordinator with additional questions. (Please note that as of Jan '02 Roger Kern will be the Graduate Advisor for Criminology and questions should be directed to him) 

Roger Kern: Criminology and Criminal Justice

Denise Reiling: Sociology

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