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Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault     

Week 3: Masculinity & Violence

Information about Masculinity & Violence can be found at

This page is the archived assignment from my Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault class that was used to build the resource page at StopViolence

The readings for the first week helped focus on the disproportionate number of female victims and that the problem is violence against women and sexual terrorism (Scheffield). The readings for this week start to examine the perpetrators, who are disproportionately men. Of special concern is masculinity and male sex role socialization, including privilege. 

Do a search for resources about menís groups that are working against battering, rape and menís violence against women. Pick the best 2 sites you found and write a concise 1 paragraph description of what information was there. These assignments will be consolidated into a section within Feel free to include other helpful sites if you feel they are worth mentioning, but remember the emphasis is on quality and not quantity.

Extent, Nature, and Consequences of Intimate Partner Violence: Findings From the National Violence Against Women Survey

The National Criminal Justice Reference Service has a section on victimization that has a good collection of research reports

The information below provides some general guidance about searching. In addition to some of the more obvious keyword searches ('men against rape' 'men against battering' etc), you can try a search for men like Kaufman who are active in this area. 

Searching the Internet

The internet now has well over 2 billion pages and there are several hundred search engines to help people find information. My personal preference, based on my own use and looking at my webmaster log for this page, is Google. They have the most pages indexed and one of the better ways of matching keywords. The boxes below provide direct access; the safe search box filters out adult content and can be helpful for searches about sexual assault, women in prison, etc.

You do not have to use these if you prefer another search engine. For more information about search engines, how they work, tips for finding what you want on the internet, and various ratings of search engines, check out SearchEngineWatch






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