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Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault 

How to Help a Rape Victim

Information about Rape can be found at

This page is the archived assignment from my Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault that was used to build the resource page at StopViolence

Scully's book Understanding Sexual Violence does an excellent job describing the rapists and how they think about their actions against women. It is also important to understand the effects of rape on their victims. In order to address this issue in a helpful way, the assignment for this week is to search for the best information about helping a rape victim. In this case, I am less interested in the internet site itself, than on the actual advice about what to say and do (or not say and do). Your paper on this material should engage the question of why such advice is sound by discussing the emotional and other needs of the woman (eg preserving evidence, etc). 

If you find websites that are especially good, please make a note of them and I will consider adding them to StopViolence (which has a few resources on this topic and is another place to start your search for information). 

Searching the Internet

The internet now has well over 2 billion pages and there are several hundred search engines to help people find information. My personal preference, based on my own use and looking at my webmaster log for this page, is Google. They have the most pages indexed and one of the better ways of matching keywords. The boxes below provide direct access; the safe search box filters out adult content and can be helpful for searches about sexual assault, women in prison, etc.

You do not have to use these if you prefer another search engine. For more information about search engines, how they work, tips for finding what you want on the internet, and various ratings of search engines, check out SearchEngineWatch






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