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Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault: CRM/SOCL 550 & WMST 592

This page is from the Fall 2000 semester. The most recent page is for here

This page lists the readings and specifics of the exercises; additional information is in the syllabus about class requirements and their relative contribution to your grade. 

The webpage for this class was prepared as part of my involvement in Eastern Michigan University's Instructional Technology Across the Curriculum Workshop (2000) 

I'll be updating this page regularly, so you may need to use the RELOAD or REFRESH button to make sure you are getting the latest version. Scroll down for descriptions of the internet assignments. We will be both using and adding to my other website, so start to familiarize yourself with what's there and what would be helpful to add. 


Laura O’Toole and Jessica Schiffman (eds). Gender Violence: Interdisciplinary Perspectives. New York University Press 1997. 0-8147-8041-5.

Diana Scully. Understanding Sexual Violence: A Study of Convicted Rapists. Routledge, Chapman & Hall 1990. 0-04-445846-0.

Healey, Smith & Sullivan. "Batterer Intervention: Program Approaches and Criminal Justice Strategies" National Institute of Justice. 

Barrie Levy (ed). Dating Violence. Seattle: Seal Press 1998. 1-508005-001-8.

Recommended book

Deadly Persuasion: Why Women and Girls Must Fight the Addictive Power of Advertising by Jean Kilbourne ('Still Killing Us Softly' video on advertising)

Schedule for Reading and Exercises 

week 1 Introduction & Greeting
The exercise from the first class - the letter from the 'normal girl' wondering if she was going to grow up to be a pedophile was from Dan Savage's Book Savage Love (click on the link to read Amazon's description).
week 2 1/18

Overview of Violence Against Women & Its Effects

O’Toole & Schiffman: Part I, Introduction to sections 1 & 2 (including opening poems); ch 6 Scheffield;ch 11 Donat & D’emelio; ch 24 Jaffee, et al; ch 32 Kurz.    

Levy: Part I, two stories

Recommended: The United Nations' Internet Gateway on the Advancement and Empowerment of Women and see Kerry Cuomo's book, Speak Truth to Power: Human Rights Defenders Who Are Changing Our World. There's a pretty slick, informative website to support the book. 

Go to the Human Rights Watch Global Report on Women's Human Rights. Find a chapter that looks interesting and read through it (there are 7 chapters). Write a 2 page paper summarizing the information you read and make sure to review the general recommendations for change. Be prepared to give a brief presentation to the class on that chapter. 

Recommended: For more on human rights violations of women in US prisons, see "Not Part of My Sentence" and "Nowhere to Hide: Retaliation Against Women in Michigan State Prisons.

week 3 1/25

Masculinity & Violence Against Women

O’Toole & Schiffman: ch 2 Kaufman; ch 5 Messerchmidt; ch 13 Pelka; ch 20 Whittaker Explore the men's groups opposing violence page of StopViolence and write a 2 page paper outlining what you think are the most important ideas or actions. 
week 4 2/1

Rape & Sexual Assault Overview

O’Toole & Schiffman: Part II, Introduction to Section 2; ch 12 Adise

Scully, ch 1 – 2; 

Levy, from Part III read Gallers & Lawrence

Recommended link: Stop Prison Rape 

Recommended book: Surviving the Silence: Black Women's Stories of Rape

week 5 2/8

Rape by Strangers & Date Rape 

Scully, ch 3-5
For more details about the search for date rape drugs, click here
week 6 2/15

Rape & how to help a victim

Scully, ch 6 - 7 & Afterword

Levy, Part II: Greene & Chadwick
For more information on the search for how to help a rape victim, click here
week 7 2/22

Battering & Domestic Violence

O’Toole & Schiffman: Part II, Introduction to Section 3. 

Levy: Part I, two stories; Part II, Gamache + Graham & Rawlings 

NIJ: ch 1 & 2

Go to the website for Safehouse & read about the laws in Michigan. (start on p 25 of the Survivor's Handbook)

exercise about the next section to add to stopviolence

Recommended book: Barrie Levy's  In Love and in Danger: A Teen's Guide to Breaking Free of Abusive Relationships & there's a Spanish version -  Jovenes, Enamorados Y En Peligro: Una Guia Para Adolescentes Para Librarase De Una Relacion Abusiva

week 8 3/1

Battering: race, homosexual relationships & programs for all batterers

O’Toole & Schiffman: ch 17 Dobash; ch 18 hooks; ch 19 Renzeti 

NIJ: ch 3

Go to the Ann Arbor Safehouse website & read the ‘info for professionals’ section on Why Some Battered Women Sometimes Stay.

From the Domestic Violence resources at StopViolence, find the link to the Nashville Police Department and go to the “Guide to Domestic Violence and Risk Assessment”. In a 1-2 page paper, review what you thought were the most important or most helpful points. 

Recommended: Tribal Court Clearinghouse [information on violence against American Indian, Alaskan Native and First Nations women. Great page with links that also are relevant to all women.]

SPRING BREAK - 3/5 to 3/9

week 9 3/15

Responses to battering, issues in intervention

NIJ: ch 4 – 5; 

Levy, Part II: Sugerman & Hotaling; White

Recommended: SilentWitness

Write a 1-2 page review and commentary of the Catholic Social Services program, Alternatives to Domestic Aggression. Also, read and bring to class a copy of the Safety Plan in the Nashville Police Dept's Domestic Violence section (see week 8 for the location). 
week 10 3/22

Sexual harassment

O’Toole & Schiffman: ch 9 Gutek & Koss; ch 10 Quina.
For information on the paper options for sexual harassment, click here
week 11 3/29

Erotica, Porn, & sex Work

O’Toole & Schiffman: 29 Segal; ch 33 Brod; ch  28 Mackinnon
For information on the internet exercises, click here
week 12 4/5 TERM PAPERS DUE
week 13 4/12

Responses, public policy and best practices

O’Toole & Schiffman:ch 30 Miedzian

Levy, Part III: three chapters, your choice
Go to the U.S. Dept of Justice, Violence Against Women Office. Find the checklist of actions that can be taken to end violence against women. List the 5 items you think are most important and discuss why. 

Resources due for next stopviolence page

Want to know what else you can do right now to help? Click here. There are some other ideas for social change here

week 14 4/19

final paper due 

Assignment for final paper, click here

This page is from the Fall 2000 semester. The most recent page is for here


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