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Exercises to accompany the ConclusionCriminal Justice or Criminal Justice

1. Read, What Every American Should Know  About the Criminal Justice System

A. Report to be what you think are the most important statements they make

B. Find the ‘questions to ask anyone who wants you vote.’ Email or send them to a politician who discusses crime (or should). Is this an effective action? Why or why not? What would be more effective as a way to question elected officials about criminal justice policy and hold them accountable?

C. Identify the suggestion in the conclusion you most agree with. Write a short paper that elaborates on the basic idea and provides more detailed suggestions.

2. Read PREVENTING CRIME: WHAT WORKS, WHAT DOESN'T, WHAT'S PROMISING (A REPORT TO THE UNITED STATES CONGRESS Prepared for the National Institute of Justice). There is another version in Adobe Acrobat format at preventing

A. Does the text support the idea 'nothing works'?

B. What are the basic ideas they explore to prevent crime? How many of these are criminal justice system based interventions, and how many are outside it?

C. What are the limitations of the report - what other significant ideas does it leave out?

 3. Read the latest report on corporate crime: Getting Tough on Corporate Crime? Enron and a Year of Corporate Financial Scandals by Jeffrey Reiman and Paul Leighton. 

A. Do you agree with their assessment of our progress fighting corporate crime? 

B. Examine the table on the last page. Does the trend it shows in income inequality bother you, why or why not? 

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