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Exercises to accompany Ch 4: To the Vanquished Belong the Spoils: Who Is Winning the Losing War Against Crime?

1. Each of the three major television networks is owned by a larger corporation. Use the search box below to find out who owns ABC, CBS & NBC. What other businesses do the owners engage in? How do you think this affects what you see?

2. Read an excerpt from The Media Monopoly by Ben H. Bagdikian or use the search box to find additional material about this book. What points is the author making and how does it relate to Reiman's argument?

3. Reiman discusses the prison-industrial complex and how there is a growing number of businesses making money from the growth in prison. Go to the Corrections Yellow Pages and report on the number of categories in which they have listings. Explore the number of businesses in a category or see how many are in your state. 

4. Go to the private prison section of PaulsJusticePage. From the resources there, write a paper on some of the current problems regarding private prisons.

5. Read through the rules for the game of Monopoly in a Stratified Society. It's similar to the board game, but with a few changes made to reflect that not everyone starts off with the same bank account and from the same square. Play for at least an hour and record your experiences, being sure to include the reactions of those in the lower class and how those with privilege used their rule making power. 

6. Read the short essay on Ideology that Reiman's gave to the American Society of Criminology to mark 25 years of the Rich Get Richer being in print. How does he explain what ideology is? Can it be reduced to a notion of 'false consciousness'? What does he mean by 'moral slant'?

7. Read the report, OFF BALANCE: Youth, Race & Crime in the News. What were the main findings of the report, as they relate to Reiman's argument? What are the recommendations for change based on the findings?

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8. Read Why Are So Many Americans in Prison? Race and the transformation of criminal justice by Glenn C. Loury. How would you summarize his article? What are the points of agreement he would have with Reiman? 

9. In the video on the right, George Carlin talks about the 'owners' of America - is his analysis correct (or 'just' funny)? What are the points of agreement he has with Reiman? 

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