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Exercises to accompany Ch 2: A Crime By Any Other Name

1. Go to the Public Citizen site. Under ‘Public Citizen Divisions’, select ‘Health research' then "Publications." Pick a publication and discuss the problem raised by it, the harms that are being done and their proposed solution.  

2. Start at main page and go into the section on ‘Recalls& News.’ 

  • A. Write a short report on the Recent recalls. 

  • B. Go to ‘Consumer Products, Food, Medicine or Cosmetics. Write a short report on the products that have been recalled and the reason for it. Be sure to include an assessment of whether recalls are limited to ‘cheap’ manufacturers or whether they extend to more expensive brand name merchandise (mention the ones you find by name). 

3. Go to the SAFE FOOD website, and review the list of recalled food products. How would you categorize the number of them and their seriousness? What were the reasons for the recall? How many of these were covered by the news – either the paper, radio or TV?

4. Report on one of the scams discussed at Crimes of

5. Use at least two of the links below to write a short paper on the nature of identity theft and the adequacy of current enforcement.

6. From the main page of the National Fraud Information Center, choose one of the following topics: Telemarketing Fraud, Internet Fraud or Fraud Against the Elderly. How large are these problems in terms of victims and dollar figures? What are the ‘hot scams’ currently used to victimize people, and what are the best prevention tips? 

7. Go to and read an article in one of the issues about workers' safety. Prepare a summary of what issue was being discussed and how it was similar to - and different from - what Reiman discussed in this chapter. 

8. Search for an estimate of sports memorabilia fraud or internet auction fraud. 

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