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Exercises to accompany Ch 3: ...and the Poor Get Prison

1. Go to the report from the American Civil Liberties Union on Driving While Black. Write a short paper outlining the main pieces of evidence in the report about racial disparity. Also, note what the report says is the effect of this disparity on the rule of law and perceptions of justice.

2. In an article originally published in the Minnesota Law Review, David Harris addresses the question of why driving while black matters. In a short paper, summarize the argument he makes about why such practices of discrimination are important. 

3. The organization Human Rights Watch released a report, "Punishment and Prejudice: Racial Disparities and the War on Drugs." What evidence did they find of minority over-representation in the criminal justice system? What are the human rights issues implicated in their findings? 

4. The American Society of Criminology appointed a National Policy Committee to look at incarceration trends. Read the report of the National Policy Committee and summarize the evidence of differential treatment based on both race and gender. What are the Committee's concerns? Do you agree or disagree? Why?

5. Use the search box to the right to find information on the cost of white collar crime. Try typing in combinations of words like: cost, extensiveness, prevalence, white collar crime, corporate crime, bribes, kickbacks, political corruption, elite deviance, etc. Do the results seem to support Reiman's contention about the extent of the problem and the lack of research? 

6. Use the search box to find information about economic bias in criminal justice. Try variations of the following words: economic bias, inequality, class, wealth, income, crime, criminal justice, prison, etc. 

7. Repeat the search above using the search options available at the Sourcebook for Criminal Justice Statistics. The sourcebook contains 600 tables with information drawn from 100 sources. How many deal with social class, income, wealth, or inequality?

8. What's your hypothetical criminal record? Have you ever sat down and thought out what your hypothetical criminal record would be if all the crimes you committed in your life would have been reported to the police and prosecuted? How might race and class play into this? 

9. Read the blog posting about Bernard Ebbers’ sentencing. What did Ebbers do and what was his sentence? What are two bulleted objections and what is the response to them?

10. How does the U.K's Corporate Manslaughter Statute work? Why was it implemented?

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