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This page is for people who want to deepen their understanding of crime policies and search for real solutions to criminal justice problems -- ones that promote social justice and a just peace; it's for people who want to reclaim their mind, privacy & freedom. 

The Challenge of Crime in a Free Society is a book several decades old, but a timeless articulation of the problem. We need to be concerned with reducing crime and violence, including our epidemic of corporate crime. But 'getting tough' only on street crime by building prisons is an ineffective, even counterproductive, way to reduce violence - like mopping the floor while the tub overflows; it endangers individual liberties (especially of minority citizens), takes money from crime prevention programs and fuels a criminal justice-industrial complex.

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Who is Paul?


I teach at Eastern Michigan University, where I have been advisor for the Criminology & CJ Graduate Program. I am experimenting with 'web enhanced education' in the following classes: 

I have been North American Editor for Critical Criminology: An International Journal

My other website and ongoing class project is Resources for a Just Peace

What Every American Should Know About the Criminal Justice System  

My Books: 

I am a co-author of The Rich Get Richer & the Poor Get Prison. I've also created a companion website for the book, which I will be updating and expanding

Class, Race, Gender & Crime: The Social Realities of Justice in America is co-authored with Gregg Barak and Jeanne Flavin. The title link goes to pages that contain a description, the opening narratives about (what else?) class, race and gender, plus a growing collection of related links.

Criminal Justice Ethics is an edited collection I did with Jeffrey Reiman for Prentice-Hall; it contains papers I wrote on televising executions and professional codes of ethics. The title link goes to the companion website I'm building. 

Teaching & Understanding Sept 11 with Mark Hamm 

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