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CRM/SOCL 412 Law & Society : Fall 2003 (Current version)

T - Th 11:00 - 12:15 Pray Harrold 204

Required Readings

Paul Leighton and Jeffrey Reiman, Criminal Justice Ethics

I am building a companion website to Criminal Justice Ethics, which can be a helpful resource in clarifying parts of the reading and/or exploring topics that interest you. 

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Recommended Reading 

Henry & Hinkle, Careers in Criminal Justice (Sheffield) 1879215438

Tobocman, You Don’t Have to Fuck People Over to Survive (Soft Skull) 1887125352

Randall Kennedy, Nigger (Pantheon Books) 0375421726

Michael Walzer, Just and Unjust Wars, 3rd ed (Basic Books) 0465037054

NOTE: Grey shaded boxes like this indicate days where there is a class assignment

What Every American Should Know About Criminal Justice

We talked a bit in class about the unsolved anthrax case. There's a long article about the suspect Hatfill and details about the intensive investigation. Even if he had a grudge against the government, it seems odd he'd choose to do so in a time of national crisis, especially with a large amount of strong anthrax sent to the Capitol - 20 million lethal doses by one estimate. There's more background from a CBS news report, and the warning issues after the latest bin Laden video "suggests an attack, possibly involving chemical weapons, could be launched soon in Western Europe, U.S. officials said. The information comes from an interrogation of a captured al Qaeda operative or intercepted conversations among terror cell members still on the street, the officials said."


Required Reading

Career & Job Info 

Sept 4 Introduction & Greeting I would recommend bookmarking this page for further reference. You may need to hit the Reload/Refresh button to get the latest version. 
Sept  9  Intro Reiman
Sept 11 Part 1, Bazelon

Two years after 9-11, when Bush said he wanted Osama bin Laden 'Dead or Alive.' At the moment, Osama bin Forgotten

Sept  16 Part 1, Katz
IN CLASS QUIZ #1: In your book, there is a reading by Katz on 'impossible attempts.' One of the cases discussed is State v Clarissa. Your quiz will be: "What were the facts giving rise to the case, and did the Supreme Court of Alabama uphold or reverse the conviction?" (5 points)
Sept 18 Part 2, Feinberg p 87 - 88 (skip section 4) & 92 (Mill) - 108. 
Sept  23 Part 2, Drug Legalization

NEWS: Santa Cruz Defies Bush Administration on Medical Marijuana: City Hall Courtyard Will Be Medical Marijuana Dispensary for Victims of DEA Raid

WAMM, a cooperative run by and for patients (most with terminal diagnoses), worked closely with local authorities, strictly followed California law and local guidelines, and never sold marijuana to anyone. Nevertheless, armed DEA agents swooped down on the co-op Sept. 5, pointed automatic weapons at paralyzed patients, tore up WAMM's garden, and carted off operators Valerie and Mike Corral in handcuffs.

Sept  25 Part 2, Prostitution
PAPER #1 DUE: The reading by the International Committee for Prostitutes' Rights contains a number of draft statements about why prostitution should be legal. In a two page paper, (1) summarize their case. In addition, you should (2) provide a definition of legal moralism and paternalism and (3) indicate whether they rely heavily on these, or use another general perspective as a foundation for their argument. (10 points)
Sept 30 Part 2, Hate Crime


Oct 2 Part 2, Corporate Violence


Oct 7 review & catch up  BONUS QUESTION will be based on this article and ask what two actions taken by Canada relate to our discussion about paternalism and moralism
Oct 9

test on Parts 1 & 2. Please note that no one is admitted to the test after the first person has left. (50 points)

Oct 14 Part 3, Kleinig; Appendix on Codes of Ethics
Oct 16 Part 3, Deception and Influence - read Skolnick & Leo
PAPER #2 DUE On the Police Ethics page, find the article entitled "A Continuum of Compromise," which discusses the process by which some officers go to become more corrupt and cynical. Write a two page paper summarizing the main points. Please make sure you describe (1) what the phases of the continuum are (2) what level of wrongdoing they entail, and (3) the mind set or rationalization the officer uses to justify it. In the concluding paragraph discuss what you thought to be the most important point of the article. (10 points)
Oct 21 Part 3, Entrapment - read US v Tobias
Oct 23 Part 3, Selective Enforcement  
IN CLASS QUIZ #2 Read through the part of this law review article on Why Driving While Black Matters. Examine Part III, where the author lists six specific reasons. Your quiz will be: "Write down three as well as their definition or explanation for why the author believes driving while black does matter. (6 points)
Oct 28 Part 4, Lawyers’ Ethics - Haskell
Oct 30 Part 4, Amar & Cochran debate
Nov 4 Part 4,  Weinstein, Kipnis  
Nov 6 Review & Catch Up   BONUS: Akhil Amar, who argued with Cochran over whether defendants have too many rights, has written a column for on the second amendment and gun ownership. What's the argument in GUNS AND THE CONSTITUTION: Telling The Right Second Amendment Story? It might be helpful to click the link that says "Michael Dorf has explained more fully" and information from that column can also be used to answer the bonus question. 
Nov 11

test on Parts 3 & 4. Please note that no one is admitted to the test after the first person has left. (50 points)

Nov 13 Part 5, Treatment of Inmates - read Gorman  
Nov 18 Part 5, Treatment of Inmates - read Newman
IN CLASS QUIZ #3: Your question will be about spanking machines (follow the link to the page - all the information you'll need to know is on that one page). The quiz will ask about the interest in them, including what some people see as the problem with whipping and how the spanking machine could promote the administration of justice. (4 points) 
Nov 20 Part 5: National Council of Churches on death penalty; Nathanson, Reiman, van den Haag exchange
Nov 25 finish death penalty  
Nov 27


Dec 2 Part 6, Strossen and Allen debate PAPER 3 DUE: Virtual Child Pornography. Read the column at about the virtual child pornography case and focus on the parts relating to Ashcroft v. The Free Speech Coalition. What was the case about, what was the decision and how does it affect child pornography? What was the Court's reason for their decision? (Hint - the last two sections contain much of the important material) (10 points)
Additional Background (you do not need to read this for the paper #3, but there are good links if the topic interests you or you need material for a paper on the topic for another class)
Dec 4 Part 6, Reiman
When you board a plane in the next year, your pilot may be armed. Make a call from a pay phone at the ballpark, and it may be tapped. Pay for a sandwich with a credit card, and the transaction may wind up in an electronic file with your tax returns, travel history, and speeding tickets.  These are some of the ways that the biggest reorganization of the federal government in half a century could trickle down into the minutiae of the daily life of Americans. rest of story
Dec 9 Part 6, Seagal, Leighton
Dec 11 review & catch up Bonus question: What are the issues discussed in the column about Cameron Diaz's topless photos
Dec 16

Final Exam  - 11:00 - 12:30  (parts 5 & 6) (50 points)

remember to be on time because no one will be admitted to take the final after the first person has left


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