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CRM/SOCL 412 Law & Society : Fall 2004  [current semester]

T - Th 12:30 - 1:45 Strong 200

Required Readings

Paul Leighton and Jeffrey Reiman, Criminal Justice Ethics

I am building a companion website to Criminal Justice Ethics, which can be a helpful resource in clarifying parts of the reading and/or exploring topics that interest you. 

More information on Plagiarism and citing internet sources

Recommended Reading 

Henry & Hinkle, Careers in Criminal Justice (Sheffield) 1879215438

Tobocman, You Don’t Have to Fuck People Over to Survive (Soft Skull) 1887125352

Murakimi. Underground: The Tokyo Gas Attack and the Japanese Psyche. (Vintage)  0375725806.

Randall Kennedy, Nigger (Pantheon Books) 0375421726

Jack Olsen. Last Man Standing: Tragedy and Triumph of Geronimo Pratt. Anchor (2001) 0385493681.

Judge Strikes down provisions of Patriot Act (from class discussion 9/30)


Required Reading

Click here for syllabus (adobe.pdf) | Career & Job Info

Sept 2 Introduction & Greeting I would recommend bookmarking this page for further reference. You may need to hit the Reload/Refresh button to get the latest version. 
Sept 7 Reiman, CJ Ethics (intro); Nash, Teaching Ethics
Sept 9 Part 1, Bazelon
Sept 14 Part 1, Katz

IN CLASS QUIZ #1: The Katz reading in the textbook on impossible attempts discusses a number of cases. One case is Commonwealth v Dunnaway. What are the facts of this case, the problem with the attempted rape charge, and the final decision of the court (did attempted rape or attempted incest better fit the facts)? 

Sept 16

Part 2, Feinberg p 87-88 (skip section 4) & 92 (Mill) - 108

Class will cover substantial material not in the text

Sept 21 Part 2, Drug debate (Trebach and Inciardi)

PAPER 1 DUE: For this paper, you will need to read two Washington Post stories that you will (free registration to the site is required). Both of these articles deal with differences between the U.S. and Canada on a variety of issues involving paternalism and legal moralism. The first is "Whoa! Canada!" and the second is "A Tolerance for IV Drug Users".

In a 2-3 page paper, define what legal moralism is, identify the issues raised in the articles that relate to moralism, and discuss how Canada is different from the U.S. on these issues. Do the same for paternalism. Make sure to structure your paper in terms of moralism and paternalism; do not simply summarize one article, then the next. I realize people have strong reactions to some of these issues, but the paper is to make sure you understand the newspaper articles and place them in the framework of concepts provided by the book. The paper should not be full of your personal feelings about Canadian policy (our class discussion will give you a chance to discuss your reactions).

Sept 23 Part 2, Prostitution (In re P; MacKinnon; Committee for Prostitutes’ Rights)
Sept 28 Part 2, Hate Crime (Wisc v Mitchell)

IN CLASS QUIZ #2: Know the basic question in the case of Virginia v Black, whether the Court upheld or struck down the law, and at least two of the Court’s reasons [on the webpage, these are identified as (a) (b) and (c)]

Sept 30 Part 2, Corporate Violence (Reiman, AMA)
Oct 5 Review & catch up
  • Review Sheet
  • BONUS LINK: Read this article from The specific question will be to discuss the basic facts of the case and how the question of consent related to ideas we have discussed in class so far. 
Oct 7

TEST 1 remember to be on time because no one will be admitted to take the final after the first person has left

Oct 12 Appendix on Codes of Ethics; Part 3, Kleinig;  
Oct 14 Part 3, Skolnick & Leo
Oct 19 Part 3, Marx; US v Tobias;

IN CLASS QUIZ #3: Read the story “The two sides of the Holt rest stop sting operation.” Your quiz will ask about you to briefly discuss the facts and the two sides to this controversy. [You do not need to read it for the quiz, but the bottom of the Michigan sodomy law info page has news about other similar stings in the area.]

Oct 21 Part 3, Selective Enforcement (Kleinig, Reiman) Read Part III of Why Driving While Black Matters, where the author lists six specific reasons. Part of TEST 2 will include questions on why the author believes driving while black does matter. Please know not just the key words ('Distortion of the social world') but also what this phrase means).
Oct 26 Part 4, Lawyers’ Ethics - Haskell
Oct 28 Part 4, Amar & Cochran debate Defendants' Rights
Nov 2 Part 4, Weinstein, Kipnis IN CLASS QUIZ #4: Read the Findlaw column A RIGHT OF JURY NULLIFICATION IN SOUTH DAKOTA? and review especially the section “Why the legal status of jury nullification matters.” Your quiz will ask you to review the argument in this section.
Nov 4 Review & catch up
Nov 9

TEST 2 remember to be on time because no one will be admitted to take the final after the first person has left

 The BONUS question is based on a article, “The Supreme Court as a Voting Issue: .” The bonus will ask you to discuss any part of the article EXCEPT the section on national security – to get credit, you must be discussing issues related to the  Supreme Court, Constitutional interpretation, etc.

Nov 11 Part 5, Treatment of Inmates - Gorman
Nov 16 Part 5, Treatment of Inmates - Newman

IN CLASS QUIZ #4: spanking machines. The quiz will ask about spanking machines: (1) what some people see as the problem with whipping and (2) how the spanking machine could promote the administration of justice.

Nov 18 Part 5: National Council of Churches on death penalty; Nathanson, Reiman, van den Haag exchange; American Medical Association

IN CLASS QUIZ #5: Be prepared to give a quick summary of the 101 reasons the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops opposes the death penalty and the Innocence Project’s discussion of remedies

Nov 23 finish death penalty material




Nov 30 Part 6, Strossen and Allen debate
Dec 2 Part 6, Reiman
Dec 7 Part 6,  Seagal; Leighton

IN CLASS QUIZ #7: Read the information about Entertainment Network v Lappin. Focus specifically on what was this case was about and what the court ruled?

Dec 9 Review & catch up
Dec 14

Final Exam  - 11:30 - 1 [Note that time on syllabus is incorrect and is correct here]  

 Bonus: Roper v Simmons is the case before the Supreme Court involving the execution of juveniles. Under ‘Questions Presented,’ click on question 2 about whether juvenile executions are barred by the 8th and 14th Amendments. The bonus question will ask you to review information about this issue. I am more interested in this analysis than the general facts of the case or the question about the propriety of the lower court’s ruling. 

remember to be on time because no one will be admitted to take the final after the first person has left


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