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CRM/SOCL 412 Law & Society : Winter 2003 M 7:00 - 9:40 Pray Harrold 204

NOTE: This is an archived version of this class - click here for the current version

Required Readings

Paul Leighton and Jeffrey Reiman, Criminal Justice Ethics

I am building a companion website to Criminal Justice Ethics, which can be a helpful resource in clarifying parts of the reading and/or exploring topics that interest you. 

More information on Plagiarism and citing internet sources

EXTRA CREDIT: You may do either or both options below. The my.emich assignment must be posted on the discussion board (NOT) turned in; the other assignment is to be typewritten and turned in. 

DUE DATE: ALL EXTRA CREDIT MUST BE DONE BY THE LAST CLASS. I will be reviewing and grading it before the final exam, so your work will not be included unless it is in by the last day of class. If you owe back work, that should also be turned in before the last day of class and should be done before any extra credit. 

#1] Log on to and go to My Classes, then CRM 412, then the message board and EXTRA CREDIT #1. Follow the directions there (and remember to post your response on the discussion board)

#2] Now that Americans fighting in Iraq have been captured and some of them photographed, concerns have been raised about the humane treatments of captives. As soon as Defense Secretary Rumsfeld suggested that the photographs taken of American POWs violated the Geneva convention, many commentators questioned whether there was a double standard, because photographs have been taken of captives held by the U.S. at camp X Ray (Guantanamo, Cuba) and they are denied standing under the Geneva Convention. 

In a 2-3 page paper, discuss how the U.S. has treated others and how you expect U.S. soldiers to be treated (in terms of actual treatment or photographs). Among the ways to approach this assignment are to read the following article on the interrogation of Al Quaeda suspects - review significant parts and discuss if you think it would be fair for other governments to treat Americans that way. Is it acceptable to show pictures of captives like this (either by Americans or our enemies)? The photograph at right comes from a BBC story on truth and propaganda

You can also approach this paper by reviewing part of International Humanitarian Law (IHL), the set of rules which seek, for humanitarian reasons, to limit the effects of armed conflict. It protects persons who are not or are no longer participating in the hostilities and restricts the means and methods of warfare. Your paper can be an overview of IHL or focus on a specific topic (in addition to the link above, check out the Fact Sheets on IHL).

However you approach #2, please make sure to cite your sources by including the title of the article and the full URL where the information came from. 


Required Reading

Career & Job Info

Jan 6 Introduction & Greeting I would recommend bookmarking this page for further reference. You may need to hit the Reload/Refresh button to get the latest version. 
Jan 13 Intro Reiman; Part 1, Bazelon
Jan 20


Jan 27 Part 1, Katz; Part 2, Feinberg & drug debate (Trebach and Inciardi)

PAPER 1 DUE: In a two page paper, summarize the argument in favor of legalizing drugs made by Trebach, and also summarize the counter argument by Inciardi. Please give equal length to each side and indicate how this debate relates back to Feinberg. 

NEWS: Santa Cruz Defies Bush Administration on Medical Marijuana: City Hall Courtyard Will Be Medical Marijuana Dispensary for Victims of DEA Raid

WAMM, a cooperative run by and for patients (most with terminal diagnoses), worked closely with local authorities, strictly followed California law and local guidelines, and never sold marijuana to anyone. Nevertheless, armed DEA agents swooped down on the co-op Sept. 5, pointed automatic weapons at paralyzed patients, tore up WAMM's garden, and carted off operators Valerie and Mike Corral in handcuffs.

Feb 3 Part 2, Prostitution; Hate Crime In class quiz - be prepared to write down basic information about Virginia v Black 

UPDATE: The court decided the case & upheld the law prohibiting cross burnings

Feb 10 Part 2, Corporate Violence


TEST 1 [we will be covering material the first part of class and will be doing the test after a short break]
Feb 17 Part 3, Kleinig; Appendix on Codes of Ethics

PAPER 2 DUE: On the Police Ethics page, find the article entitled "A Continuum of Compromise," which discusses the process by which some officers go to become more corrupt and cynical. Write a two page paper summarizing the main points, and in the concluding paragraph discuss what you thought to be the most important point of the article. 

Feb 24  Part 3, Deception and Influence - read Skolnick & Leo; US v Tobias; Selective Enforcement
In class quiz - read through the part of this law review article on Why Driving While Black Matters and be prepared to write down three of them. 
March 3


March 10 Part 4, Lawyers’ Ethics (Haskell, Schneyer); Amar & Cochran debate More info on Legal Ethics and some lawyer jokes
PAPER 3 DUE: Read the true story about the behavior of a lawyer, taken from a book called the moral compass of the American Lawyer. In a 2-3 page paper, summarize the facts and draw on Haskell to identify the specific rules that would justify such behavior. 
March 17 Part 4,  Weinstein 


TEST 2 [we will be covering material the first part of class and will be doing the test after a short break] BONUS: Miguel Estrada
March 24 Part 5, Treatment of Inmates - read Gorman; Newman The text for the first edition of Just and Painful is available online.
March 31 Part 5: National Council of Churches on death penalty; Nathanson, Reiman, van den Haag exchange; American Medical Association
In class quiz - be prepared to give a quick summary of the 101 reasons the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops opposes the death penalty
April 7 Part 6, Strossen and Allen debate; Reiman When you board a plane in the next year, your pilot may be armed. Make a call from a pay phone at the ballpark, and it may be tapped. Pay for a sandwich with a credit card, and the transaction may wind up in an electronic file with your tax returns, travel history, and speeding tickets.  These are some of the ways that the biggest reorganization of the federal government in half a century could trickle down into the minutiae of the daily life of Americans. rest of story
PAPER 4 DUE: Write a two page summary of the column in about the virtual child pornography case. What was the case about, what was the decision and how does it affect child pornography? What was the Court's reason for their decision?  
MSNBC had a good piece on 'child erotica' - nonnude but suggestive pictures of young teenage girls; there's also a link to the Knox case where a circuit court decides nudity is not a requirement for 'lewd and lascivious exhibition of the genitals' required for a child porn conviction. 
April 14 Part 6,  Seagal; Leighton Televising executions
April 21

Final Exam  - regular class time ~  [info for bonus]

remember to be on time because no one will be admitted to take the final after the first person has left


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