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Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault: 

(CRM/SOCL 550 & WMST 560)

The webpage for this class was originally prepared as part of my involvement in Eastern Michigan University's Instructional Technology Across the Curriculum Workshop (2000) 

Archive: Winter 2001 Class ~ Fall 2000 ~ current

I'll be updating this page regularly, so you may need to use the RELOAD or REFRESH button to make sure you are getting the latest version.

REQUIRED: (Winter 04)

Helen M. Eigenberg, Woman Battering in the United States: Till Death Do Us Part. (Waveland 2000)

Russell P. Dobash, Rebecca Emerson Dobash, Kate Cavanagh & Ruth Lewis, Changing Violent Men

Diana Scully, Understanding Sexual Violence : A Study of Convicted Rapists. (Routledge June 1994). 

National Institute of Justice The Sexual Victimization of College Women. This is a large .pdf/ adobe acrobat file (80 pages); there are also instructions for ordering a free paper copy, but do so early. (to order the free copy, you need the title of the publication and its # - NCJ 182369)


Laura L. O'Toole & Jessica R. Schiffman (Editor), Gender Violence: Interdisciplinary Perspectives (New York University Press March 1997) 

Jean Kilbourne, Deadly Persuasion: Why Women and Girls Must Fight the Addictive Power of Advertising (Free Press 1999) 

Harvey Wallace, Family Violence: Legal, Medical & Social Perspectives, 3rd ed. (Allyn & Bacon 2001)

Jeff Benedict, Public Heroes, Private Felons: Athletes & Crimes Against Women. (Northeastern University Press 1997)

Charlotte Pierce-Baker, Surviving the Silence: Black Women's Stories of Rape. (W.W. Norton & Company 2000) 

Susan Weitzman, Not to People Like Us : Hidden Abuse in Upscale Marriages. Basic Books; ISBN: 0465090737 (September 5, 2000)

Recommended internet resource if you're looking for books or journal articles: Bibliography of MULTICULTURAL PERSPECTIVES ON DOMESTIC VIOLENCE

Michigan Sexual Assault Benchbook ( has the latest information on procedures and the state of the law. It is a comprehensive sourcebook for information on the impact of the crime on victims, Michigan's sexual assault related statutes, including applicable defenses, special courtroom procedures that protect the rights of victims, witnesses, and defendants, scientific evidence, post-conviction and sentencing matters, and bond and discovery.

Schedule for Reading and Exercises 

The syllabus (adobe.pdf) contains additional information about assignments and grading ~ More information on Plagiarism and citing internet sources

week 1: 1/7

Introduction & Greeting

The exercise from the first class - the article "Trains" about the guys and the young black girl was was from Men & Masculinity by Cohen. It was originally written by Nathan McCall and appeared in his book, Makes Me Wanna Holler: A Young Black Man in America
week 2: 1/14

Violence Against Women

Eigenberg , ch p 1 - 55

Go to the Human Rights Watch Global Report on Women's Human Rights. Find a chapter that looks interesting and read through it (there are 7 chapters). 

Or, read through the Women’s Human Rights section of Human Rights Watch World Report 2002

Write a 3-4 page paper summarizing the information you read. Make sure to include all subsections and review the general recommendations for change if you do the Human Rights Watch reading. Be prepared to give a brief presentation to the class on that chapter. 

Recommended: Soldiers With Dolls and Blue Hair Gel - Rape and Despair Turn Liberian Girls Into Armed Fighters: More than 14 years of fighting in Liberia has made rape as common as looting or gunshot wounds. Robbed of their dignity, forced to flee their homes and left emotionally dazed, some young women decided to pick up weapons. They joined government or rebel forces to avenge family members raped or killed by the other side. Some said they took up arms simply to defend themselves. But once they became soldiers, many teenage girls found that they were still being raped -- by their commanders and fellow soldiers, according to health workers and the girls. 

Recommended: The United Nations' Internet Gateway on the Advancement and Empowerment of Women and see Kerry Cuomo's book, Speak Truth to Power: Human Rights Defenders Who Are Changing Our World. There's a pretty slick, informative website to support the book. 

See also the main Human Rights Watch page for Women's issues

week 3: 1/21 Eigenberg, p 57-112

Kimmel’s Male Victims of Domestic Violence: A Substantive and Methodological Research Review

week 4: 1/28 Eigenberg , ch p 129 - 196

Read Why Some Battered Women Sometimes Stay. Briefly discuss what the most important points were to you, and review how she explains about loving someone who is abusive. 

week 5: 2/4 Eigenberg , p 197 - 268; and 327- 357

Due: 1-2 page paper outlining your term paper topic and the resources you have identified to do it.

Recommended: Tribal Court Clearinghouse [information on violence against American Indian, Alaskan Native and First Nations women. Great page with links that also are relevant to all women.]
week 6: 2/11

Battering Intervention

Dobash, Intro + Ch 1-2

Write a 1-2 page review and commentary of the Catholic Social Services program, Alternatives to Domestic Aggression. Please make sure to include ADA philosophy, Program Policies and FAQ.

Recommended: From the Domestic Violence resources at StopViolence, find the link to the Nashville Police Department and go to the “Guide to Domestic Violence and Risk Assessment”. 
week 7: 2/18

Dobash, 3 - 4

Recommended: I got flowers today (so everything is Ok...)

Free Battered


week 8: 3/3 Dobash, 5 – 6

Go to the page for Men’s Groups Working to End Violence Against Women. Explore one of the websites and write a 1-2 page paper discussing the content of the website and your reactions to it.

Recommended: SilentWitness

"Stalking" examines the problem of stalking and the factors that contribute to it, reviews responses to the problem, and what is known about them from evaluative research and police practice. (58 p, .pdf: National Inst of Justice & Natl Center for Victims of Crime)

week 9: 3/10 Dobash, 7 - 9

Write a 2 page paper summarizing one of the following articles:

Recommended: while the Dobashs claim some success, other evaluations are less optimistic. See Do Batterer Intervention Programs Work? Two Studies (September 2003 National Inst of Justice). 

See also, Batterer Intervention Programs: Where Do We Go From Here? (June 2003, NIJ). 

week 10: 3/17

Rape & Sexual Assault

Scully, ch 1 – 2; Cathy Winkler, Rape As Social Murder Recommended: Want to know what else you can do right now to help? Click here. There are some other ideas for social change here
week 11: 3/24 Scully, ch 3-5  

Prison Rape paper: Follow up on one of the links and write a two page paper highlighting what you thought were the compelling issues raised by the information found there. Be prepared to share you research with the class. For more on human rights violations of women in US prisons, see "Not Part of My Sentence" (Amnesty International). For more information about rape in men's prisons, go to  Human Rights Watch: No Escape (click on 'Read the report' - focus on sections IV, V, VI, & VIII).

Recommended book: Surviving the Silence: Black Women's Stories of Rape

Recommended Website: Stop Prison Rape

week 12: 3/31 Scully, ch 6 - 7 & Afterword

We will also be talking about how to support a woman who has been raped. Please do a search for information on emotional issues and/or practical advice on evidence preservation. 

week 13: 3/7 Read The Sexual Victimization of College Women and write a 3 page paper outlining what you thought was the most important information. (Please read the report and not the press release.) This is a large .pdf/ adobe acrobat file; there are also instructions for ordering a free paper copy, but do so early. 
week 14: 4/14

final paper due 


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